The Best Compound Bows and Crossbows for the Money

The Best Compound Bows and Crossbows for the MoneyThere is a special challenge with bow hunting. Unlike rifle hunting, using a bow requires special skill, steadiness, strength and marksmanship. For those who just enjoy the thrill of the hunt, bow-hunting allows the hunter to enjoy the season longer than those who only rifle hunt.

The novice bow hunter may have a difficult time figuring out which bow best suits him or her. Bows come in various sizes, and there are also different types of hunting bows. So, we will review the different types of bows, and hopefully provide the information you need to make an informed decision before you buy.

Compound Bows

Compound bows are designed with pulleys (cams) on both ends that function in such a way as to give the bow more propulsion energy than its predecessor, the longbow.

We researched the various types and brands of compound bows and narrowed the results down to the very best on the market, according to reviews by shooting specialists and professional hunters.

Those that performed the best include:
*The Alpine Archery Silverado Limited Edition – The fact that this is just a good-looking bow is almost enough to make one want to purchase it (the limbs are trimmed in Mossy Oak). Additional features that make this bow stand out from the rest include “Velocitric Hybrid Cams” that feature a locking system that make it possible to adjust or remove a peep sight without the necessity of a bow press. The bow is light-weight (weighs less than four pounds) and has an impressive IBO speed rating of 300 feet-per-second (fps). The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $599.
*APA Innovations Mamba M6 – This could conceivably be called the “Swiss Army Knife” of compound bows. Equipped with two wrenches and a carbide sharpener built right into the riser of the bow, this compound bow even has a “Fang Riser” with a hook that allows the bow to be suspended from a tree limb easily and without additional paraphernalia. The Mamba M6 also has a unique cam-locking system that allows for the safe reinstallation of string and cables without the necessity of a bow press. This bow weighs 3.8 pounds and has a lightning-fast speed of 355 fps. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this bow is $899.
*Bear Archery Anarchy – Manufactured by one of the oldest bow makers in the country, this new single-cam bow uses the innovative flat-top cam that is solely a product of this manufacturer. It has a smooth, accurate shot, and weighs only 3.8 pounds. Its draw lengths can be adjusted from 25 to 31.5. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $899.


Crossbows are gaining in popularity, although compound bows are the overall favorite according to this study. But, in all fairness, crossbows have some advantages that merit discussion. Although lacking in ease of drawback, some individuals who have physical limitations find that using a special crank can actually make the crossbow easier to operate than the compound bow.

An additional plus for the crossbow is the fact that it “fires” in much the same way as a rifle, using a trigger to deploy the arrow. Therefore, the crossbow may provide more accurate results than the compound bow.

The best-performing crossbows we found include:
*Arrow Precision Inferno Blitz II – This bow just looks impressive before ever being shot. It has a nice-looking camouflage stock with a curvature that is just right for fitting against one’s face to render the bow and shooter into a unified machine. This bow shoots at an impressive 285 fps, and comes with an illuminated scope. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $299.
*Darton FireForce – This crossbow has “DualSync” cams, along with extra-large axles and extra-wide split limbs which are laminated and all of which are designed to deliver the best performance with minimal stress. This bow will shoot an arrow at an amazing fps speed of 395 to 410. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this crossbow is $1,050.
*The Excalibur Ibex SMF – This is a great little crossbow because it has features that other bows just don’t seem to think of. For instance, it has a thumbhole stock with a RealTree camouflage finish. The bow has a solid feel and is geared to outlast its more expensive opponents. With a draw weight of 175 pounds, it will deliver an impressive 305 fps and is sold in a kit that includes a scope with mounts. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this cross is $539.99

In Summary

Whether you are a die-hard compound bow fan, or prefer the shooting experience of a crossbow, there is a bow on the market to suit your hunting needs.
As always, make sure you are aware of hunting laws, as well as the qualifications in the state in which you plan to hunt. If you are inexperienced with bow (or any other type) hunting, it is always a good idea to begin in the company of seasoned hunters.

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